rcrIf you have a high speed (Cable, Telephone ADSL or better) Internet connection, we can help you anywhere in the world!

Here is how it all works…

1) You need help with your machine, so you come here to this webpage.

2) Click the image below to download our support tool and then either select RUN, or run it once it has finished downloading.
Make sure to also click “Yes” or “Open” when it asks to give permission to the program to change files etc.
3) Then give us a call! We can not connect to your PC until you call and give us the ID number that is displayed in the remote program. (For security reasons.)

4) All remote help is by the minute so you only pay for the time I am working on your machine.
(I do not charge for time that your PC is doing scanning for malware or viruses.)

PLEASE NOTE!!! In some cases, some computers are not repairable via remote assistance. Eg: If the machine is so bad that it needs your operating system to be completely re-installed, or if there is a hardware issue. If we determine this to be the case while on remote support, we will then discuss further options.