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Thank you very much for your kind words! We greatly value the input we get from our clients.

Jacquie Sawatzky: Mike has been my savior for many many years. Very patient, knowledgeable ,available and accommodating. I would be lost without him, especially for a computer nerd like me. Yell “help” and he is right there to assist.

Larry and Doreen: We are seniors & we don’t have any kids or grand-kids in town to help us with our computer related issues. Mike has been a great help to us in resolving all our computer issues. Mike listens to our concerns & tries to figure out what is frustrating us. He’s always there for us & promptly fixes our problems at a very reasonable price. He is honest & we trust him. Mike is our “go to” computer techie & we highly recommend him.

Jackie: I’m one of those people who waits until the last minute before contacting a computer tech to fix a problem…, either computer freezing or a bug! Every time, without fail, Mike has been there for me and has helped me through some very scary problems. I can’t believe I’ve actually found someone you can talk to and who is willing to help with providing great information, and the ability to help with any, and all, computer problems. And, the cost has completely floored me!!! Amazing!! I don’t know of any place, anywhere, where you could get this much help for such an amazing cost! I highly recommend Mike and Affordable Computer Tech!

Debbie H: Mike is FANTASTIC! He took care of both my PC and laptop and has now set me up for remote assistance after visiting and setting me up in my home. And for you not so savy: HE IS PATIENT beyond words! I would suggest using his services in an instant!

Laverne S: After weeks of total frustration with our computer, neighbor recommended Mike. Well, after a simple phone call he remotely fixed all our issues within 40 minutes at a very reasonable fee. Fantastic service, appreciate so much. Thank you Mike!

Anne and John:Thank you for all the help you have given us on our computers, we would not be able to get such a good service any place else.

Sandy and Jeff: Thanks so much Mike for helping us with Jeff’s computer. It works wonderfully now! We appreciate your service!

Don: Wow, by having a short over the phone discussion of a software problem I was able get a program up and running without loss of important data and thoughts of disaster. Thanks for your help Mike I’m keeping you on my grateful help list.

Exchange a Blade – Dave: I have used Mikes talent many times in the last 5-6 years and find him available, knowledgeable, and reasonable. I have recommended him to others and they have all been satisfied. 10/10 – Dave Russell

Tanya: I could not be happier with the job! He picked up, delivered, and completely fixed my sad, sick little laptop! Not only were there viruses but spyware and god only knows what! I got it back good as new and very quickly. I highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use their services again in the future.

Katelyn: A few weeks ago my laptop’s power jack started to fail on me. It’s every laptop owner’s worst nightmare, and I had no idea if my computer could be saved. I did some research and found out all it needed was a part replaced, which required taking apart my entire laptop and putting it back together. It’s an extremely delicate and time-consuming process, and I’m on a very short budget.

Mike listened to my concerns, was very honest and upfront about the work to be done and was very friendly and helpful for our entire correspondence. Everywhere else wanted more money, more time, and half of them didn’t believe I even knew what I was talking about (of course meaning they wanted to take it apart first, which requires more money).

Mike fixed it up, did a free cleaning and tune-up, and picked up and delivered which is a very nice convenience. He took great care of ‘my baby’ and I’m extremely happy with the outcome. I’ll be coming back if I have any other computer issues that need fixing 🙂 Thanks again, Mike!

Dave Simmons: We got slammed with over 250 defects yesterday and it shut our computer down. We called Affordable Computer Tech and Mike had us up and running within the hour. Very reasonable rate with polite and courteous service. 5* rating. Thanks again Mike.

Gail & Cal: Very helpful, prompt and patient. Thanks for the help Mike.

Doug Harrington: We have been using Mike since he set up our new HP desk top computer 2 years ago. He is very reliable and prompt with his replies. I like the option of the remote connection. We are in the process of replacing our old laptop and Mike has been very helpful in giving us the pros and cons to whats available in the market place. We will continue to use Mike’s services.

Anne: I have used Mike’s expert computer help several times over the last 3 years. He is very efficient and helpful and am always glad when I can contact him to help me out of whatever mess I am in. I am sure that I will be using him in the future.

Ken: This is the 2nd time I have used Mike. One year ago he took my lap top that I was truly ready to completely ditch because it was running so badly and I was having so many issues with it. He completely restored it and it continues to run efficiently and smoothly. One year later I just felt it was time for a tune up. I contacted Mike. We connected remotely and in 15 minutes he had re-tuned my computer, updated a number of programs, including my anti-virus programs. I just find him so available and always ready to help. He provides excellent advice, is very competent and extremely affordable. Because of him, I am still using a computer I was ready to throw away one year ago. Thank you Mike. 10/10

Jeff: Thank you for the work you performed on my laptop this week, things seem to be working really well and I like the format changes you included regarding the desktop Start menu and the automatic loading of the desktop without having to type out a password. Thank you for your time.

Christina: Michael helped me fix and clean my computer. I never had service as great as Michael provided. Polite, pleasant and very patient (I am useless with computers) Michael was able to clean my computer in a very short time, got rid of unwanted files and rearrange everything to help me make the most of my computer. As an elderly lady I am so appreciative of his acknowledge and expertise and have given his name to my friends. Thank you again.

Nancy: A few months ago I had a malware on my computer and I was panicking because I didn’t know how to fix it. My hubby suggested I call JBJ Computers and I didn’t want to, so I looked in the phone book and saw Affordable Computer Tech and decided to call them. He was at my home within an hour, took out my malware, updated my computer with anti-virus software…. In short, I was TOTALLY satisfied with them and I tell EVERYBODY to call Affordable Tech… Great job for a great price ! Thank you again !

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