If you have a high speed (Cable, Telephone ADSL or better) Internet connection, we can help you anywhere in the world!

Here is how it all works…

1) You need help with your machine, so you come here to this webpage.

2) You then pick how much support time you wish to purchase. (On the right sidebar —> )

3) We then contact you to make arrangements to support you remotely. (Email, phone, etc however you wish.)

4) Your time is pre-paid, and deducted by the minute for each minute we are connected to your computer.

5) When we have helped you to your satisfaction, your remaining time stays valid for future use. Simply contact us again when you need more help!

PLEASE NOTE!!! In some cases, some computers are not repairable via remote assistance. (Eg: If the machine is so bad that it needs your operating system to be completely re-installed, or if there is a hardware issue.) If we determine this to be the case while on remote support, the time we have spent to determine this will be deducted from your time purchased, and the remainder of your time can be used towards our on site or shop rates to have your machine completely fixed.

    No refunds are given on time purchased.

By completing payment to our remote service, you are agreeing to these terms. We want to be sure your machine is repaired to your satisfaction. We are sure you understand that any time we spend to attempt repair is fairly compensated, and that we can not be held responsible for PC’s or computers that are truly beyond repair.

1) To use the remote control software when we are helping you, please CLICK HERE. and click RUN or OPEN when you see the prompts.

2) In some cases, we may ask you to click here though instead. (Only if specifically asked.)